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Pnitty Mouse — cute, stress relieving paw PC mouse

 Pnitty Mouse is a mouse for the PC that has been designed with the concept of "relaxing at any time". Modern stress society. So it is very important to relax and harmony.It is a very creative and lovely design, relaxing Paw Pad is attached. And we have created hope to happen good in your life.

We developed the Pnitty Mouse Model I in 2016. Greatly received in Japan and overseas, we acquired many offers and set out to share it with the world. In order to obtain an EMI certification, we developed the Pnitty Mouse Model II.


「Pnitty Mouse」



You'll never want to let go. Even just looking at it is relaxing!


a rounded shape. Pet of the face

 We reproduced the touch of a one year-old kitten paw with an original pink silicon cover designed to protect from dust and dirt. Squeeze your worries away.


Turn your desk into an oasis of cute.

The paw is baby soft.

stain-resistant, clean silicon cover. The color is pink








  Scrolling is possible by clicking the two buttons at once. A scroll icon will appear on screen, then just move the mouse.




Pnitty Mouse Marshmallow White  

※1US dollar 106yen conversion

Pnitty Mouse Chic black  

※1US dollar 106yen conversion

Pnitty Mouse Chic black&Marshmallow White

Black×1、White×1 set price.
※1US dollar 106yen conversion
tow black and tow white. the same price.